Belkin Washable Mouse Can Withstand Water Sports

Okay germaphobes, here's the mouse for you. The Belkin Washable Mouse has a different approach to the scroll wheel, where it's changed into a "scroll pad" that requires just a touch to let you scroll vertically or horizontally. That makes it completely waterproof, so you can wash all those boogers off in the sink, and it'll come out smelling clean, fresh and good as new. Sheesh, you could probably take this little rodent underwater if you wanted to.


Never mind that washing it will just spread all that bacteria all over it, and it will probably be even more infested with creepy-crawlies after such a cleaning. But at least it will look sparkling. And after all, isn't the perception of clean more important than the reality? That alone is probably worth the extra few bucks you'll have to pay for this $29.99 mouse by the time it ships in late August. We're thinking that oddball scroll pad might take some getting used to, though.


Press Release [Belkin]

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