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Best Buy Is NOT Selling Discounted TouchPads

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Best Buy won't be offering you that sweet $99 discount on the TouchPad this weekend. In fact, they're not selling them anymore at all. They're not authorized to. Instead, they'll be offering an extended, 60-day return/exchange period. Updated.


You CAN still get one at a Staples, Sam's Club, WalMart, and the other usual suspects.

Update: Best Buy did, in fact, start selling discounted Touchpads at $99 and $149 a pop last night and this morning, but they're all sold out now. If you really want a glorified digital picture frame that badly, head on down to a brick and mortar Best Buy to see if they have any stock left. Be warned though: Best Buy says stock usually runs in the tens, not hundreds, per store. - j.l.[Best Buy, Thanks guys!]

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We just purchased 2 32gb models from Walmart but had to use this method posted to the slick deals forum to get the liquidation pricing from our local Walmart that didn't want to price match.


In store the price will ring up at $599.99

They do not price match their website as their policy clearly says.

HOWEVER, ask the manager to check their new "markdown" list for electronics.

The price shows up on their list for the department managers to mark down. Most managers are not in until Monday morning though. So, ask them if they can process the markdown for the department. They can then adjust the store system to show the corrected price at $149.00 (32Gb version) and it will ring up at $149.00.

** Worked in Fort Gratiot, MI **

(woot! Fort Gratiot! My hometown!)

**Also confirmed to work in Terre Haute, IN**

***I confirm that this worked in Reidsville, NC too***