Best Buy's Gift Card is a Tiny Audio Speaker

Illustration for article titled Best Buy's Gift Card is a Tiny Audio Speaker

Who is the consultant that told all of the big boxers that it would be a good idea to turn this year's holiday gift cards into some sort of tangible object? They are raking it in right now. First Target made this year's gift cards into digital cameras, and now Best Buy's are a cheap-o speaker with a 3.5mm jack to plug into whatever audio player you plan on replacing with said gift credits. What could possibly be next? Clearly there's plenty of cash to go around for said consultants: Best Buy reported $43 million dollars a few Christmases ago from unused gift cards. For that kind of dough, I want to see a gift card do a little bit more than poorly reproduce my 96kbps MP3s; In the gift card Battlemodo that appears to be taking shape, Target's 1.2MP camera with included USB cord and voucher for 40 free digital prints is still in the lead. Who will be the next challenger? [Best Buy - Thank you, Oscar!]



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