Beverage Buddy Brings the Brews to You

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The Beverage Buddy is a rather useful little remote-controlled buggy for those of us whose inner sofa monster can be conjured up at regular intervals. It brings a couple of cans—or bottles—in its bucket seats to wherever we might be lying, lazy and unashamed. There's one flaw, though...

Where is the Beverage Buddy's Buddy? An RC fork-lift truck (either it would have to have a ve-e-e-ry long lift, or magnetic caterpillar treads to enable it to drive up the bottom bit of the fridge, open the door and maneuver a beer onto its forks) in order to save us from hefting our can't-be-botheredness off the couch and into the kitchen.

The Beverage Buddy costs $37.43 and needs one 9V battery and 4 AAs.

[Spilsbury via Red Ferret]