Beyond Meat Is Now Offering Direct Sales Online

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If you’ve been putting off trying Beyond Meat’s latest advances in plant-based meat or haven’t been able to find it at a nearby store, you’re in luck. On Thursday, the company launched an online portal for buying its products directly and it plans to use the platform to test out new items.


The packages of faux meat will cost you between $50 and $72, and there’s a variety of options for trying out Beyond’s burger, sausage, and beef options. The company’s chief growth officer, Charles Muth, told The Verge that it’ll be using the website to introduce new products and gather customer feedback. So if you’re a dedicated Beyond-buff who is able to buy it at your local supermarket, there’s still some incentive to keep an eye on the delivery offerings.

In a press release, Beyond Meat said that orders will be shipped in a recyclable box via UPS carbon neutral shipping. (Obviously, getting items shipped to you directly is going to be less environmentally-friendly than your other options.) But plant-based burgers aren’t just for environmentally-minded fans of breathing. The global covid-19 pandemic as put a spotlight on the unacceptable conditions at meat processing plants as workers find themselves in the middle of a super spreading perfect storm.

Beyond Meat’s biggest rival, Impossible, started offering delivery in June. If you’ve been dying for a head-to-head taste test, you’re out of excuses.


David E. Davis

The packages of faux meat will cost you between $50 and $72,

The “ground beef” alone works out to $12/lb. That’s $2/lb more than the grass fed bison I buy locally let alone what ground beef costs at teh supermarket. No thanks, I can’t afford to be vegetarian at those prices.