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No doubt taking cues from the famous German PartyBike, cargo bike builder Metrofiets designed a man-powered mobile Bar, pizzeria and dance club for Portland's Hopworks Urban Brewery.

The bike features 2 kegs in the cargo bin along with 25 pounds of ice—but the beer also beer runs through a 50 foot cooling coil to ensure that it reaches your glass ice cold from the tap. It also features a rack designed to hold a stack of pizza boxes and a music system along side the rear tire. Surely, the bike will be a big hit at their upcoming Biketoberfest celebration, but the designers have big plans for its future. They hope to add a second speaker system and a solar array that will power all of the electrical devices—most likely bringing the total weight of this monster to like 800 pounds. Let's hope Lance Armstrong will available to pedal this thing around town. [Flickr and BikePortland via Fark]


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