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Big Praise: Trump Says Elon 'Does Good at Rockets,' Zuck's 'Done a Hell of a Job'

Illustration for article titled Big Praise: Trump Says Elon Does Good at Rockets, Zucks Done a Hell of a Job
Image: AP

While attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, a few thoughts tumbled across the barren dunes of our president’s skull space, out through his mouth hole and out onto Squawk Box today. He spoke with the program’s co-host Joe Kernen of tax cuts, the impeachment inquiry, the Fed’s balance sheet, relations with China (“President for life–not bad”). And then he turned to starry visions of wingless rocket ships gliding high, like way up high, in the sky.


“I spoke to him very recently, and he’s also doing the rockets,” he said of his friend Elon, a very good boy. “He likes rockets.”

“And he does good at rockets, too, by the way,” he reflected.

“I never saw where the engines come down with no wings, no anything, and they’re landing,” he marveled.


“We have to protect our genius,” he told Joe.

If you want to play rockets, you have to get backsies, after all. Speaking of Donald Trump’s most favorite dudes, Mark “has done a hell of a job,” and did you hear he’s running for president?

“I heard he was going to run for president,” he told Kernan. “That wouldn’t be too frightening, I don’t think.”

Mark Zuckerberg has never stated that he wants to run for president, but that’s not up to him because Donald Trump is running against him for president now in the presidential Wrestlemania ring in which he resides, and Shart Zuckerblob’s staring down an ass-whooping. If Trump wants to dance, Mark’ll dance, bro, but he’ll still do dinner, te he.


Kernen asked the president some less interesting questions, too. Now that the U.S. economy is doing so well, people can maybe start thinking about “ancillary issues” like climate change, maybe?

Donald Trump thanked him for the nice compliment about his very good economy.

Jack Dorsey is fucking furious.


Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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Tebow Kneeled First

Um, it’s “he does well at rockets”, Mr. President.

What a rube.