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Binge Drinking, Revolutionized: LG's Blast Chiller Cools Cans in Under 5 Minutes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's a lot of talk about OLED and 3D and Google and bezels and, and, and—enough! Let's get down to what matters. Beer takes too long to cool. Unless you buy one of LG's forthcoming refrigerators. SmartBeer.

The blast chiller uses a "jet" and "swirling" mechanism, the company says, but really, who cares. Stick a can of your choice in the Blast Chiller chamber, and in "under" five minutes you'll have a frosty drink. Have a friend? Blast two cans or a bottle of wine in under 8 minutes. Sure beats sticking it in the freezer and waiting, eyes swollen with anticipation. This is technology that changes lives.