Biometric Phone: Pantech GI100

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Probably won't see it in the US anytime soon (if ever), but Pantech's new GI100 has some pretty hot biometric features. For starters, you can lock out anyone who isn't you. You can also associate each of your fingers (provided you don't have more than ten) to speed-dial numbers, so you just have to touch the sensor and your phone will discreetly place a call. There's also, of course, a camera, which has 1.3-megapixels of resolution, as well as "video wallpaper" which, as its name implies, allows you to have videos playing as the wallpaper on either or both of the dual LCD screens. The only thing I can think of that I'd add would be Bluetooth, and really, I'd gladly do without it in favor of biometric authentication. I'm probably in the minority here, but I even dig the boxy look. It's like the Ferrari phone except a 1987 Accord.

Pantech GI100 Mobile Phone with Biometric Fingerprint Recognition [MobileMag]


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