Bizarre iPad-Carrying Jogger Mugged in Central Park

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This is terrible—any mugging is. Having your stuff taken from you by force is a shame, and wrong, and everything, yeah—but why the hell was this guy jogging and holding an iPad at the same time?

The only conceivable explanation I can think of is that the victim was 12 feet tall, making the tablet in proper iPod-size proportion with the rest of his massive, jogging frame. Otherwise, the sight of someone running with a tablet must have been so asinine that they felt a moral obligation to rob the man and take this ridiculous athletic accessory away from him.

Seriously, how do you even move your arms in a running motion when one of them is holding an iPad? This is going to keep me up very late tonight.


And yes, they stole the iPad, as seen above. [ABC 7 via Gothamist]