Björk and David Attenborough team up for science!

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It seems like an unlikely pairing, but quirky singer-songwriter Björk is teaming up with David Attenborough, the famous English broadcaster and naturalist. Together, the two are working on a documentary about the intersection of art, music, the environment, and technology.

Called Attenborough and Björk: The Nature of Music, the doc will "tell the story of how and why music has evolved, our unique relationship with it, and how technology might transform the way we engage with it in the future."

The program will also demonstrate how music exists in the natural world by showing the way it's used by animals, including the lyre bird, reed warbler, and blue whales.


It shouldn't come as a complete surprise that Björk would work on a project like this. She looks at cutting-edge technology as way to make music both intuitive and accessible.

What's more, she has a fascination with science, as showcased by her most recent work, Biophilia. Check out the video above for "Mutual Core," in which she schools us in the ways of seasonal shifts and the shuffling of tectonic plates.


The documentary starts this weekend in the UK on Channel 4. But I'm sure it'll come to North America in short order.