Black Label Society: Machine Gun Man

It's Saturday night in the slowest season for news and the laziest part of the summer. The world is dribbling along at molasses speed. Time for a perk up. Time for some goddamn Black Label Society.

I love the slow roll-on of this song. That quiet, mellow lead-in gets you situated, warms you up. And then BAM—that chorus drops the hammer like a damned steel-toed boot on the accelerator pedal.


Zakk Wylde's songs all pack some serious horsepower, and having cut his teeth backing Ozzy Osbourne you know the guy can shred. But it's songs like these, where he trades in some of the overblown trappings of metal for a more mellow, melodic style, where Wylde's light-fingered riffs really shine.

Just what the doctor ordered to get you up off your ass on a Saturday night. [iTunes] [Amazon] [Spotify]


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