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I don't even own an iPhone, and I'm already sick of its mass produced, family friendly, there is no poverty and the world can be simple icons. Meanwhile, I'm digging this black and white version one user created and dared to load onto his iPhone—risking not only his precious tech, but the fragile, tacit blessing of Steve Jobs, too.


While the process isn't exactly drag 'n drop, it's not straight coding either. Using Jailbreak software, you crash your (friend's) iPhone and replace the icon.png files with anything of your choosing. Once you are done loading the (Windows 95) icon set, just restart the iPhone and everything should be functioning fine (your friend will never talk to you again). Hit the link for the full process and free black & white icon collection...just don't come crying to us if you screw up and flush $600 (of your former friend's money) down the drain. [mondmyiphone]

Thanks Cody!


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