BlackBerry 8300 Goes All Curve-y

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The word on the streets is that RIM's BlackBerry 8300 might show up as early as next week, and that it will bear the (classy?) name "Curve."


We already told you that the smartphone formerly known as Daytona won't have Wi-Fi, nor any kind of 3G. As a GSM handset, it looks like it's having the same basic troubles that Nokia and others are having trying to build a world phone that runs on US HSDPA. (The 8830, a CDMA phone, had no trouble conforming to EVDO standards.) Give it a year perhaps?


Now we have new facts, or at least new educated guesses, along with some tantalizing rumors.

No Wi-Fi, sure, but now we're hearing that there will be a 2-megapixel camera, unlike the all-business 8800 and 8830. The Curve will also be slimmer than the 8800 series, but will still most likely pack built-in GPS.

As for the name, the reason MobileWhack suggests that the 8300 will be called the Curve is that both and are owned by the same entity. MobileWhack said that the two sites were also linked, but when we visited, all we got were white screens of possibility.

Will T-Mobile introduce it on May 7, RIM's Capital Markets Day down in O-Town? Or will Cingular AT&T ship it sometime this "summer"? We don't know. There is also speculation that a Verizon/Sprint Pearl handset may appear on the 7th, but judging from our recent conversation with Verizon Wireless, and the fact that both carriers are really pushing the 8830s, that seems a bit far-fetched. All we can do is wait and wonder and maybe make some calls.


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What kinda small-pockets pants are everyone wearing these days? I can pocket my 8800 and 8700 just fine...