BlackBerry OS 5.0 Previewed: It's Fast

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Boy Genius takes us on a tour of BlackBerry OS 5.0, which is a tasty combo of the current Bold OS and the Storm's, but really fast.


Besides the nimble juice injection—which makes it "blow away" the current OS in terms of speed—most of the changes are subtle cosmetic ones, borrowing some extra UI polish from the Storm. There's a new app called Files, which sets up network share access for BES users, but that's about it. Which is fine, except for the fact the browser performs exactly the same. It supports Google Gears now, but the WebKit browsers on every other respectably webby phone will still murder it.

Head over to BGR to read the whole rundown. [BGR]


I guess I don't get why people would get BB when you have to pay $3000 plus $100 per use to get the same sync capabilities that WM, iPhone and Palm have for free. I'm not trying to put BB down - but it just escapes me the cost justification. I'm not claiming WM, iphone or Palm are great phones - all phones including BB sometimes hang or have other issues. I just think BB should drop the crazy costs for BES if they want to avoid losing more market share to iPhone and other pda phones.