BlackBerry OS 6 Teaser Shows the Social Side of BB

When the last BlackBerry OS 6 preview hit, I was so distracted by all that dancing I could barely make out any new features. This latest preview gives a cleaner look, though. And so far, I like what I see.


It's not like BlackBerry OS 6 is going to be a game changer. It's like BlackBerry's finally joining the game that everyone else is playing. The new browser is here (with pinch-to-zoom!), as is the Social Feed that pulls Facebook, Twitter, and BBM into a single feed and lets you post to as many of them at once as you like. The home screen's gotten a nice refresh, there's universal search, and BlackBerry's stressing media functionality more than they have in the past.

It's still not certain when we'll start seeing the first BlackBerry OS 6 devices, but clearly the company's revving up for a launch. And when the software does hit, it's nice to know that dancing will be optional.[SlashGear]



Say what you like about BB OS, but since switching away from it, I really miss its notification system, and how whenever there's an update on any of your services, you can just pick up the phone and it's there instantly. The OS may not have been super advanced, but it got the job done just fine.