When the last BlackBerry OS 6 preview hit, I was so distracted by all that dancing I could barely make out any new features. This latest preview gives a cleaner look, though. And so far, I like what I see.


It's not like BlackBerry OS 6 is going to be a game changer. It's like BlackBerry's finally joining the game that everyone else is playing. The new browser is here (with pinch-to-zoom!), as is the Social Feed that pulls Facebook, Twitter, and BBM into a single feed and lets you post to as many of them at once as you like. The home screen's gotten a nice refresh, there's universal search, and BlackBerry's stressing media functionality more than they have in the past.


It's still not certain when we'll start seeing the first BlackBerry OS 6 devices, but clearly the company's revving up for a launch. And when the software does hit, it's nice to know that dancing will be optional.[SlashGear]

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