BlackBerry Storm's Shipping Delay: Blame the Firmware

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Orders of the BlackBerry Storm online have been delayed, and according to some detective work from the Boy Genius Report, it's not due to intense demand. The Storm that BGR got to toy around with was loaded with the OS firmware, yet all the Storms being sold now are branded .65. What gives? The logical conclusion is that there was a problem with the .82 firmware, and it was so severe that every Storm had to be downgraded before release, hence the delays. It sounds a little far-fetched, but after peeling off the sticker reading .65, BGR found another sticker underneath reading .82. In other words, these phones were originally loaded with the newer firmware, but something went wrong. As far as shipment goes, here's the rule: - Bought before noon on Nov. 21: will ship Nov. 25. - Bought after noon on Nov. 21: will ship Dec. 5. - Bought on Nov. 22 (today) or later: will not ship until after Dec. 15. If you haven't bought your Storm yet, you better cross your fingers extra hard because it's not looking likely that it'll make it to you before a certain major religious holiday. [BGR]