BlackBerry To Use the Same Designers Behind HTC Sense? (Updated)

RIM's next OS could look a lot more slick, if rumors about them working with You i Labs are correct. The wackily-named Canadian design company created HTC's beautiful Sense interface, which has been used on both WinMo and Android products. Correction: You I has nothing to do with HTC or HTC Sense.

Gigaom has reported that RIM was even considering buying You i Labs, but decided simply hiring them was the way forward. How they will work alongside The Astonishing Tribe, a design company that RIM bought last year, is not yet known, but considering both companies' track records, it all bodes well for a more design-led BlackBerry. [Gigaom]



Why doesn't HTC just buy RIM, put it out of it's misery, and save us all a lot of trouble? ;)