Blackened, Dying Skin Is The Latest Cocaine Side Effect

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Cocaine users are reportedly flooding hospitals with blackened, dying skin and compromised immune systems. The culprit is not the cocaine itself, but the white powder being used to cut the drug.

The foreign substance causing all the trouble is levamisole, a veterinary de-worming drug. According to the DEA, three-quarters of cocaine seized by the agency has this animal medicine. Drug traffickers are choosing levamisole because it's inexpensive and produces euphoria and hyperalertness as side effects.

Cocaine users are unknowingly inhaling it and experiencing a very,very bad allergic reaction. In some cases, the skin damage is so extensive that a graft and plastic surgery is needed. [Scientific American]

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For all the people who are saying "They get what they deserve", I assume you never tried an illegal drug and you dont have children that may try it. I will admit I did, and I am damn glad that the only side effects were (at the time) a furry tongue and staying up for 2 or 3 days.

Not everyone who uses this cocaine is a hardened drug user on Skid Row. Some of them are your kids or your friends who are making bad choices. Have some compassion people.