Blast Electric Sheep With Deckard's Gun, Now Just $150,000

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Was Deckard really a replicant? Who cares, his blaster's for sale.

Yup, just a mere $100,000 to $150,000 and this one-of-a-kind movie prop could be yours, although we imagine that price tag is going to climb a bit higher before all is said and done at the Auctioneer Profiles in History event beginning April 30.


Other classic movie items up for auction include a ring worn by Bela Lugosi when he played Count Dracula; a monocle used in the Fritz Lang's 1927 sci-fi movie "Metropolis"; and Rita Hayworth's dress from 1940's film noir classic "Gilda."

It's truly an eclectic collection of items that, if combined, would have probably confused Harrison Ford's character even more. [Reuters]


Brad Attaway

Clearly it contains a revolver, but does the movie show what the bolt-action chamber above—assumedly fired by the second trigger—is used for? Based on what's stuffed in the barrel I presume it's not simply a larger caliber or shotgun or something like that (though it could have multiple uses). Something non-lethal? Grappling hook or other tool? A quick poke around the net hasn't turned up anything.