Blimey! A Boot Throwing Bot.

Forget about droids that make breakfast or try to take over the World. In the UK, a team of scientists have constructed a robot to assist them in the eccentric and perverted-sounding British sport of Welly Wangling, which has nothing to do with masterbation. It's actually the sophisticated sport of hurling a boot as far as you can.

They've taken an engine from a concrete mixer, paired it with a gearbox from a Citroen sedan, and a 6-1/2 foot diameter shoe-chucking disc which rotates at up to 250 times per minute. The point? To build robots that work better in teams...we have no idea how tossing shoes translates into teamwork, but we're not qualified to question the eggheaded scientists. Next week, they'll get together with other boot-tossing robots to name the ultimate footwear throwing champ. For those who don't win, booter luck next time!


Experts make robotic welly wanger [BBC]

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