Blitzen Trapper's 2011 album American Goldwing gets its namesake from Honda's huge, heavy, highway-devouring touring motorcycle. And it's fitting, because there ain't many albums that live up to the term "road music" the way this one does.

There's not much to analyze here: riffs with just the right amount of crunch; lyrics that talk about whisky, women, fighting, and hitting the road; and just enough slide guitar to evoke a breeze of country, before country moved to a McMansion and started plastering RealTree and Remington stickers on everything.


This is the kind of music that inspires impromptu road trips, last-second border runs, liberating full-throttle blasts out of the city and into the open desolate night. The mostly-latent expression of what Hunter S. Thompson called the Linkhorn gene, that repressed desire for the freedom of the road and roughshod living.

We might not all be able to answer that Linkhorn call, but with the right soundtrack, we can at least get the atmosphere right. [Blitzen Trapper] [iTunes] [Amazon] [Spotify]


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