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With New York about to snuggled under a blanket of 14 to 21 inches of snow, it's time to consider something we should have purchased instead of two sixers of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and box of crackers: a snowblower. In this, the 80th anniversary of Canadian Arthur Sicard's invention, the handy device has become known for its tiny, shoulder-strapped versions that work just as well to annoy neighbors as they do to clear snow, and not the giant, truck-mounted version originally invented (and still in use in snowier climes). Not all modern snowblowers are glorified leaf blowers, however. This Craftsman 9.0hp Gas Snow Thrower can clear a 28-inch swath of even compressed snow, churning through the icy powder with a 12-inch bladed impeller system.

Has man invented better anti-snow gear than this? What other bits of technology should I be desiring in this wet, cold season of doom?

Craftsman 9.0 hp Gas Snow Thrower [Sears]


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