Blockbuster Online Finally Adds Game Rentals Through the Mail

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Blockbuster has finally added game rentals to their Netflix-like mail-rental service, effectively combining Netflix and Gamefly into one giant subscription. Best of all, the games cost nothing extra on top of the regular plan.


Current Blockbuster Online subscribers can check in to their accounts and start adding games. The discs count toward your discs-out total, but you can opt for ALL games if you like. At $20ish for a 3-disc plan, that is cheaper than an equivalent Gamefly plan, which charges $23 for two discs, and $30 for three. What you can't do, however, is take your mailed-out games and trade them in for in-store game rentals, like you can for movies.

This additional feature is a rare move for Blockbuster, which has been slowly pulling features out of Blockbuster Online in the past few years. Options like two free e-coupons for free game or movie rentals were replaced by just free movie rentals (unless you were grandfathered in), and your in-store trade-in for your mailers now counts as one of your disc rentals. Obviously, since the company is still going in a downward direction, these cost-saving measures weren't doing much to keep old customers and attract new ones. Let's hope the addition of games helps. [Blockbuster via Gamepro]

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Not bad Blockbuster, but it requires at least one person to say, in all seriousness, Wow! What a difference!