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Blockbuster Online Having Mailing Issues As Well?

Illustration for article titled Blockbuster Online Having Mailing Issues As Well?

We just received a tip from reader Michael that Blockbuster online has been having shipping issues with their movies as well. Netflix's recent outage was settled in about three days, but Michael's problem has been ongoing for the last four business days. When he called a customer service rep, they said Blockbuster's shipping center were having an "allocation issue", and many other customers have been complaining. Our own account looks fine—we were shipped something on Monday and Tuesday of this week—but that's just anecdotal. Our own call to Blockbuster communications to check on the situation went unanswered. How does yours look? Keep in mind that you not getting something shipped in a timely manner could also mean they're throttling your account, which is especially true if you've been shipping stuff in and out really fast lately. [Thanks Michael!]


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No problems in the Metro DC area from what I can tell (from myself and friends nearby).

Got the first two disc of the Terminator SC series season 1 last night.

Summer Glau is hot.