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Blockbuster has announced that they will begin offering 99 cent DVD titles to lure customers into their stores during these tough economic times. Whatever, I'm still not setting foot in Blockbuster again.


Why anyone would go into a brick-and-mortar Blockbuster these days is beyond me. I mean, $5 for a new release? Come on. With online services like Netflix out there and $1 DVD kiosks popping up all over the place it just doesn't make sense to throw your money away like that. Besides, Blockbuster's CEO Jim Keyes noted that these 99 cent titles would include "thousands of DVDs, including many classic older movies"—which is really code for "if you are looking for a copy of Romancing the Stone or Air Bud, we got em' here cheap!" Blockbuster is expected to roll out the program starting in January. [Reuters via Consumerist]

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