Blow Sh*t Up, Go on a Trip, and Race a Tiny Car

Who doesn't like blowing things up? Oh, and if the things you're blowing up just happen to be your enemies, well that's just icing on the kaboom-flavored cake. We also take an overhead trip around the track in our tiny cars. And you know what, let's take an actual trip to a far away land. But this time, we'll be able to find the bathroom and we'll know when the local shop keeper is ripping us off. I knew $15 for a soda was too much.


B.A.N.G. Invasion - $1

Destroy your opponents with large caliber guns. If that's not what the holiday season is all about, I don't know what is. Upgrade your weapons and armor as you battle the army of Dark Dukes in the Rainbow Kingdom. Apparently they all work for some warlock named Twitch. Who cares, explosions! Dropped from $2 to $1.

Travel App Box - $1

Hey everyone, let's blow off visiting our families this holiday season and instead, head to Europe. Usually you'd have to download an app for every country and a sperate app to figure out the exchange rate. The Tavel App Box crams most of the tools you'll need to travel into one app including offline maps of each country, a metric and currency converter, and you can keep track of you flights. Dropped from $2 to $1.


Tiny Cars - $1

Overhead racing games are the greatest genre ever invented. They might not be as slick as Gran Turisimo, but they're fun to jump into without having to decide if a Nissan Skyline and beat a modded Subraru STI. Tiny Cars has 34 tracks, 10 cars, ramps you can launch said cars off of and spectators you can run over. Seariously, why are they in the road in the first place? Dropped from $2 to free. $1.


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