Blu-ray Prices Higher Than Ever: Man, This is Going to Piss You Off

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I suppose that it is not all that surprising to find out that without competition from the HD DVDs camp, prices for Blu-ray players have gone up. According to data collected by, Blu-ray players have hit a high average of $400 per unit for the year—about the same price they were at this time last year. This comes after the aggressive price cuts Blu-ray manufacturers employed at the height of the HD DVD battle. While these players probably would have been $1000 without a format war (thank Toshiba for that one) these prices are not moving in the right direction. Update: While this trend is notable, we'd like to keep in mind that a) prices are generally set by retailers, and MSRPs themselves haven't changed and b) since this is the "off season" for electronics sales, other products such as flat panel TVs may also be seeing a real-price increase based on a dearth of sweet rebates and other buying incentives. [Pricegrabber and Tom's Hardware]


I don't know about you guys but I wouldn't necessarily say 'SONY' is to blame. Why are they at fault? It's econ 101 fellas. As long as they are selling them for $400-$500, they are going to charge $400-$500. Check their 10k. I'd post a link here if it was available online but its not that I could find. They made more money off the studio licensing to BR than they did off the players by almost 8 fold. Though I think this excludes the PS3. If anything, Sony would want them cheaper so consumers would buy more BR discs. Studios pay Sony based on how many BR discs they sell. The more players in the market place the more BR discs are sold. Ergo, Sony's profits increase. Sony will decrease prices as demand/manufacturing costs fall for players. Sony is the business of making money. These price trends shouldn't surprise anyone.