Blu-ray to Give Details in January

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Well, looks like not much longer to wait to get the specifics on Blu-ray, though the Blu-ray DVD Group still expects a Spring 2006 launch of the next-gen DVD technology. Doesn't really surprise me that the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will be an information stomping ground, since companies who plan to use Blu-ray will have to show reporters something after a full year of grappling and infighting. And because even though we haven't seen it yet, Toshiba did show a HD-DVD player at the same show early this year.

"At CES, you're likely to hear some announcements from a number of companies as to when you'll see our products on the market," Andy Parsons, a spokesman for Blu-ray told a group of analysts, industry members and reporters gathered at the product demonstration at News Corp.'s 20th Century Fox lot.

Blu-ray expects to reveal launch details in Jan [Reuters]


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