There's nothing like a bit of LA weirdness for a sunny summer morning. LA-based artist Jed Berk is the brains behind Blubber Bots, rather dreamy autonomous helium blimps that float around the place looking beautiful—rather like me, in fact. And just like us hoo-mans, all they really care about is "food" (represented by LED lights) and friendship.


Also called ALAVs, (Autonomous Lighter than Air Vehicles) the Blubber Bots sense and react to movement, sounds, lights and heat, thanks to the Sun SPOT chips that power their brains, which hang down beneath them*. LED lights and cellphone vibrators allow them to communicate amongst themselves—and, as the video shows, with us.

You can have your own for just $99, but you have to assemble it yourself. Alternatively, get yourself to LA and have Jed Berk himself help you out for $185.

*Another way in which they are similar to man.

Product Page [Maker Store via "Oh Gizmo]