Blue Origin Named Its Space Flight Dummy 'Mannequin Skywalker'

Image: Photo
Image: Photo

Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight company Blue Origin performed another test of its New Shepard rocket in West Texas yesterday, this time with an updated, big-windowed crew capsule. On board that capsule? A test dummy dubbed “Mannequin Skywalker.”

You know... like Anakin Skywalker? From Star Wars? Get it? Okay.

Bezos may be a vampiric oligarch but a good pun is a good pun. On Twitter, Bezos said the dummy, which spent 10 minutes in near orbital flight, had “a great ride.”


The International Space Station—which Blue Origin rockets have yet to dock with—plans to screen Star Wars: The Last Jedi soon. If Mr. Skywalker plans to attend he’d have better luck flying with SpaceX.

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which spent 10 minutes in near orbital flight

Just to be clear, it was almost in space, but no where near orbit.

Space is often defined as starting at 100 miles altitude, this flight reached 99.

Orbit (specifically LEO or Low Earth Orbit) is defined as a minimum horizontal velocity of 7.8km/s, but New Shepherd only reached 0.9km/s going up, and the horizontal component of that was small.