Blue Origin Successfully Launched and Landed Its Rocket for the Third Time

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Back in January, Blue Origin relaunched its rocket after successfully landing it in November 2015. They just launched it again.


Jeff Bezos has been on Twitter with a surprise announcement that they would be launching the rocket again, and will be attempting to land the vehicle for the third time.

The mission will be carrying a pair of microgravity experiments with into space - the Box of Rocks experiment, which will examine how the surfaces of asteroids behave, and the Collisions Into Dust Experiment, which will help scientists understand how low-gravity impacts work.

The company launched the rocket with little fanfare, moments ago:

Update 11:27 am: It looks like they nailed the landing, and the crew capsule is on its way down.


Bezos noted that they had deployed drones around the launch, which should capture some good footage.

Update 11:32 am: The Crew capsule successfully landed.


Update 11:43 am: Jeff Bezos showing off his lucky boots, with the Blue Origin motto burned into the leather:


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