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BlueCotton Custom T-Shirts, Exactly The Way You Want Them

Illustration for article titled BlueCotton Custom T-Shirts, Exactly The Way You Want Them

BlueCotton Custom T-shirts has put together a sophisticated Photoshop-like web app to let you design your own shirt, resulting in a screen-printed or custom embroidered garment with a tremendous amount of control over the results. The company says it's been working on its online design interface for the past six months, and it shows. The interface rocks. Even if you're not buying a T-shirt, it's fun to play with.


Choose from T-shirts, sweats, hats and knit shirts, and then go to town with your design sense, if you have any. You can even upload graphics or photos and designate transparent areas. The only catch so far is, there's a minimum order of six shirts if you're doing screen printing, but you can order just one embroidered item at a time. Pricing depends on color and shirt selection, but for a cotton T-shirt, they're around $11.25 each.

Product Page [BlueCotton]

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Huell Howitzer

Super cool. They're going to make a fortune.