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"Board of Awesomeness" Tops 30 MPH with a Wave of Your Hands

Illustration for article titled Board of Awesomeness Tops 30 MPH with a Wave of Your Hands

Until the scientific community gets off its collective duff and starts researching the important and poorly understood field of Hoverboard technology, we'll just have to comfort ourselves with the Kinect-commanded, electric-powered, and Windows 8-controlled Board of Awesomeness from Chaotic Moon.


The Board of Awesomeness (BoA), employs an as-of-yet unreleased Window's 8 tablet in conjunction with a Kinect control bar to drive an 800 watt electric skateboard using a 36 volt power supply. Riders control the speed—either slow, medium, and fast—through a combination of voice commands and hand gestures, with a maximum speed of 32MPH. Push your hands forward and the board accelerates, pull them back and the board cruises to a halt. Directional changes appear to be controlled the old-fashioned way—by leaning back and forth.

I'd love to take one of these for a spin despite being terrified of putting my foot through a tablet screen after hitting one of San Francisco's many potholes. [Chaotic Moon - Slashgear]


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