Boeing 737 Case Mod

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This Boeing 737 is not going to find itself rolling down a runway anytime soon, but it might elicit a smile or two while carrying out its ground-based computing chores. This bulbous-looking case mod has an AMD FX-55 processor and GeForce 7800GT graphics card on board, and took modder Brian Carter six months to complete.


Up front in the nose are two hard disks, and you plug it in via the tail-mounted power supply. The DVD drive is nestled inside the wing, and even though it's far too corpulent to be realistic, Carter added well-placed details such as navigational lights, interior lights and backlighting for the logo on the tail.

This case mod was good enough to win the third annual Case Mod Contest at ExtremeTech. This guy certainly knows what he's doing. Remarkable.


The Boeing 737 Case Mod [ExtremeTech, via Born Rich]

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all the components are crammed in there tight, very authentic just like a real united airlines plane