Boeing Starliner Astronauts Are Going to Have the Most Space Punk Boots

Image Courtesy of Reebok
Image Courtesy of Reebok

Astronauts are golden retrievers of human beings. The rest of us have to live vicariously through their resplendent existences while we sit back and watch hours of cats reacting to fidget spinners. Now, Reebok has decided to make our astronaut envy even worse—it’s finally revealed the space boots for Boeing Starliner astronauts and goddamn are they fly.

The kicks are aptly named Floatride Space Boot SB-01, as their lightweight design is a much-needed upgrade from their clunky forebears. These boots look like the lovechild of the Converse XX Hi Sneaker and Ripley’s legendary alien stompers.

According to Digital Trends, astronauts are already testing out the boots in anticipation of their future voyages aboard Boeing’s Starliner, which will start ferrying them up to the International Space Station (ISS) next year. Naturally, new ventures always call for new shoes.


“On the space boot, the rubber traction, the float foam, and the stabilizing foam that sits above the float foam are identical to the Floatride Run, so the feel underfoot will feel very similar,” Dan Hobson, vice president of innovation at Reebok, told Digital Trends. “[It] uses a Nomex shell for fire resistance, and the inside uses a special mesh that stretches to a certain point, then locks out when the suit inflates, which allows the boot to always fit comfortably.”

Image Courtesy of Reebok
Image Courtesy of Reebok

Reebok collaborated with David Clark Company (DCC) to create boots that were both stylish and sensible. DCC has created pressure suits, helmets, other gear for astronauts in the past, so they kind of know what they’re doing. They’ve also had a hand in those retro chic suits Starliner astronauts will wear on their fantastic voyages.

The worst thing about these boots is that they’re not available for us sorry sacks of flesh here on Earth. Way to rub it in, Reebok.


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