Boldly Going Nowhere...Actually Going Somewhere?

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We've been speculating that the Always Sunny creator's space-comedy series, Boldly Going Nowhere was circling a black hole of cancellation before even airing. But don't abandon ship yet: the entire pilot is getting rewritten to include more science fiction elements.

While we're not getting our hopes up, the idea of the kind of science-fiction memes the brains behind It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia could create keeps us rooting for this series to get made. In an interview with SciFi Wire, Glen Howertonn revealed that the pilot was shot, but is being completely rewritten to include more future world building, aliens and other science fiction stuff.

We just realized it was more fun to embrace the scifi rather than fight against it...In some ways, the first time around we were fighting against it, and I think we fought too hard. It ended up being just not as much fun as it could be. I think we realized that in an attempt to not parody scifi, we ended up almost cutting out too much of the scifi. I think that was a mistake.


Well we certainly like the sound of that. In fact, we thought the sexually deviant holodeck moments in the pilot script were a great jumping off point, so more of that please. Still it's going to Fox..and we all know what happens to things we love there. Apparently, so does Howerton, who explained that he doesn't really know if this "pet project" will ever see the light of day.