BomBots Deployed in Iraq, Living Rooms

BomBots are small robots that are designed to deliver different payloads in areas of conflict, most recently in Iraq. Because of their relatively cheap price ($5,000), the U.S. military scooped up a whole bunch of them to assist in the war effort. Their small size (only 22 inches tall and 15 pounds) make them ideal for closed-quarters urban combat.

The product of several different military projects coming together, including those by the Air Force Research Laboratory and Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technology Division, the BomBot are able to integrate into a squad quite easily since it can travel at 35 miles per hour.


Most interestingly is that one of the key developers of the BomBot—Alex Gizis—previously worked on building remote controls for RC cars. Gizis went over to Defense Tech HQ to show a robot off, sans explosives. What you see here is the calm before the storm: only minutes later, the BomBot threw a temper tantrum and destroyed all of Defense Tech's precious china. For shame.

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BomBot [IRT, Inc.]

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