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Bombproof and Bulldozerproof Speed Camera is Waaaatching Youuuu

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Anyone who thought that the Dutch were a liberal race might think again if they come up against the IDEE machine. Standing for Innovative Digital Enforcement Environment, this 13-feet-high speed camera has just about everything it needs to resist an attack from an angry motorist.

The IDEE, which costs anything between $60,000 and $100,000, incorporates just about every single anti-vandal measurement known to delinquent man in its design. The camera's enclosed electronics are insulated against extreme heat, and the main pillar can resist just about any fire.


A thick steel base prevents the camera from being removed forcibly from the ground, and protects the device from being rammed by a pissed commuter. Impact-resistant polycarbonate glass protects the camera and flash. If the tower is attacked, then an alert goes to the local cop shop. All the data already recorded is sent to be downloaded at a traffic control base.

Anti-vandal features aside, let's have a closer look at the IDEE's detection ability. it can operate using both radar technology and induction loops in the road, and its four separate hi-res digital cameras use infra-red technology.


There are four separate high-resolution digital cameras, which use infra-red technology to flash twice so rapidly that even in very busy traffic no incidents should be missed. Four lanes of traffic can be monitored at the same time.

Currently in use in Holland, the IDEE's manufacturer has plans to flog their creation all over Europe. Lucky Europeans. [Daily Mail]