Bono Has Apologized About Putting U2 in Your iTunes

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Apple's decision to give away U2's new album to each and every iOS user didn't go very well. Now, Bono has apologized for what he's done.

In a Facebook interview—where U2 answered questions posed by fans; a kind of diluted Reddit AMA for big-name rockstars—he admitted that the band got a little... carried away. From the interview:

Oops. Um. I'm sorry about that. I had this beautiful idea and we got carried away with ourselves.

Artists are prone to that kind of thing. Drop of megalomania, touch of generosity, dash of self-promotion, and deep fear that these songs that we poured our life into over the last few years might not be heard.

There's a lot of noise out there. I guess we got a little noisy ourselves to get through it.


So, if you were one of the 81 million people subjected to the enforced auditory experience, at least Bono is sorry. [Facebook via MacRumors]