Bookshelf Doors Make for Easy Secret Passages

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The life of a gadget journalist involves storing away dozens of cardboard boxes filled with gizmos, away from civilian eyes. Hopefully in a secret gadget lair sealed off by these bookshelf-slash-doors. The doors can support loads of up to 500 pounds, come with oak, cherry and mapple veneers, and open and close via a steel hinge that swings out the center. Combine this with a electric opener triggered by a hidden button, add a booby trap, and you're talking about the Gizmodo Secret Lair I always dreamed of.


I guess those shelves can hold gadgets, too.

Woodfold Bookcase Doors [via Uncrate]


I saw a nice hidden room bookshelf in a buddies house. It opened inward and the bookshelf recessed in the wall when opened to create a flush bookshelf in the hallway behind it, so that when open it looked like a built in bookcase, and when shut it sealed off the hallway to his office. It created a fairly tight seal, with no light coming from behind it and was magnetically locked, and a simple switch made it open and a practically silent electric motor (or by pushing) slid it in either direction.

He designed it himself, and wanted one to seal off his office when gone from home, and when having parties, yet wanted it to not look like a hidden bookcase was there when opened. He succeeded and I want one in my house.

Thanks for the information, this just makes me want to buy a house sooner.