Gotta love this video. It starts out innocently enough with a bit of Jet-style garage rock, then the beat drops and everything goes sideways.


Boom Boom Satellites formed back in 1990, when college friends Michiyuki Kawashima and Masayuki Nakano began tooling around. By 1998, BBS had released its debut album 7 Ignitions/Auto Re-Birth, performed at a half dozen major European music festivals, and had begun a three-month tour opening for Moby. Since then, the electronica duo has produced six studio albums, a dozen singles, and a variety of compilation and live albums. They've also produced numerous songs for anime series and OVA's including Appleseed and Bōnen no Zamudo (which is actually how I found them).

Europe's Melody Maker Magazine has compared their sound to the Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. Officially classified as Big Beat, their music is heavily influenced by Jazz and has a definite rock/punk edge to it—like The Scissor Sisters (another awesome band) at 100-plus bpm or Spineshank without the poser Nu-Metal attitude.


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