Although it’s apparently been hard to keep the new models a secret, Mattel continues to expand its BOOMco line by leaps and bounds. The folks at Blaster Labs first spotted the new BOOMco Breakflip while it was still just a sketch at Mattel’s offices, but official product shots and info have apparently been leaked by Amazon.


Like the recently-revealed Dynamag, the Breakflip uses the BOOMco dart cartridges but mounted horizontally so there’s no risk of them falling out in the heat of battle. It comes with an eight-dart clip, but Mattel claims it’s also compatible with the 20 and 40-dart versions so you don’t have to keep reloading after every shot.

Similar to the Whipblast, the Breakflip is cocked by sliding the handle down and back up (or flipping the entire gun down and up) and with enough practice you should be able to reload it in the blink of an eye. The sawed-off shotgun styling will probably be particularly fun to wield in battle, especially if you like to imagine yourself as being a Terminator from the future who’s only programmed to fire harmless soft-tipped darts. [Blaster Labs]

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