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Boots With Reversible Cleats Keep You From Starring In Disaster On Ice

Illustration for article titled Boots With Reversible Cleats Keep You From Starring In emDisaster On Ice/em

This is a really fantastic idea—boots with a set of reversible cleats on the foot and heel that can prevent slips on snow and ice. When you are heading indoors, just flip it over to hide the steel studs.


The whole mechanism is set flush into a groove on the sole, so it should be as comfortable to walk in as a standard boot. Plus, they are made from waterproofed leather for added protection. The boots aren't cheap at $200, but it's better than breaking your ass in the driveway. [Hammacher via Crunchgear]

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One problem (in addition to the others already pointed out.) As soon as you step on blacktop or concrete or something that the spike can't penetrate it wears it down. Happened with my NB winter running shoes. Icebug has a better solution. []