Booyah Society Gives You Points For Doing Pretty Much Anything

Jason Chen has over 60,000 gamerpoints on Xbox Live. If he gets equally hooked on Booyah Society, the new iPhone app that gives you points from doing basically anything, he's in trouble.

Booyah Society gives you points for everything from going to a new restaurant to hitting the gym to buying a new pair of shoes. It's a neat idea, I guess, but it feels too broad to actually work. After all, what are you working towards? With gamerpoints, it's fully completing a game. With the similar-yet-narrower FourSquare, it's going out and trying new bars and restaurants. But this is just trying to get you to do basically anything. I appreciate that it's fun to feel like you completed something when you buy a new shirt, but I don't know if buying shirts gets me towards some goal or completion.


But hey, I'm not the target for this. I say we give this to Chen and see how much more often he goes to the bathroom when it tells him he gets 20 points per dump. [iTunes Link]

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