Bosch Power Box iPod Dock Brings The Overkill

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Is this Bosch Power Box really an iPod dock? It looks more like a beefed up oscilloscope, or some kind of underwater contraption from the 1950s used to get sharks to mate with dolphins.


Marine Biology experiments aside, the "dock" has roll-bars, a 12-volt auxiliary outlet, fits any size iPod, a power outlet to charge your iPod, an LCD screen protected by some bars, and an MP3 CD Player. Why you would need an MP3 CD player on an iPod dock is beyond me, but who am I to judge the design aspirations of the makers of the SHARKOLPHIN MATER 2000?

It costs $210 total for the box and the iPod kit.

Product Page [via Bosch via Method Shop]

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Any specific reason this device has already been posted 3 times this afternoon? Do you love it THAT much? :)