Bosch's Corkscrew is One Power Tool I Wouldn't Mind Using

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It's not even lunchtime yet, but already I'm dreaming of that first glass of vino collapso. What? It's practically the holidays. Let me get on with my boozehound ways—preferably with this Bosch power drill-corkscrew-hybrid.


Doubling up as a traditional screwdriver, the IXO Vino's obvious attraction is as a power cork-remover. Just shove the nose into a bottle, and drill off that fun-blockin' cork. It's battery-powered, so can even be taken to the beach or on picnics. Or into the park at midnight, if you're that way inclined. On sale at Amazon now, it costs $63. [Amazon via The Awesomer via OhGizmo]


I never understood electric screwdrivers that are just as expensive as proper power tools. Most people are much better off with corded screwgun and a corded power drill for the same price as one Li-Ion battery power tool.

Both devices are lighter, so less strain.

Extension cords aren't expensive and not nearly the pita everyone makes them out to be. Dead batteries are much more a pain in the ass if you ask me. And drills with cord have a rear grip which is more comfortable than a T grip if you ask me because you can fold your hand around the drill and straight push with the palm of your hand instead of also having to apply a moment.