BP CEO Thinks Last Year Was Almost the Company's Best

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Ah man, don't you hate those days where everything goes totally right except for when you, I dunno, step in a puddle? BP CEO Bob Dudley feels like that about BP in 2010, except his "puddle" was an environmental armageddon.


The executive's spectacularly tone-deaf remark closes out Fortune's excellent investigative piece on the BP oil disaster and its aftermath. Dudley states that 2010 was well on its way to being BP's best year ever, despite the revelation that the company had in 2008 identified several serious risks that could (and ultimately did) result in "multiple injuries/fatalities," "major environmental damage," "catastrophic loss of the facility," and "damage to corporate reputation."

So sure, Mr. Dudley. 2010 was thisclose to being a banner year for BP. But reading this Fortune feature, I can't help but think that you're only thinking of dollar signs when you say that. And that it's that perspective that got us into this horrible mess to begin with. [Fortune]

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