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Bra Boosts Cleavage When Women Desire Intercourse

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The upcoming Smart Memory Bra by Lisca lingerie senses a woman's arousal through her body's heat, then squeezes her boobs together accordingly. We ask, does a pushup bra really need an off switch?

The integrated memory foam bra reshapes under the influence of heat to enhance cleavage, making a woman more desirable when she'd like to be desirable. Or, you know, when she's just a little sweaty.

There are, of course, a million ways this plan can backfire. Imagine talking to your attractive boss at a party, feeling your breasts balloon into your chin and then realizing that, right beside him, stands his loving wife and children. Her breasts, activated with the heat of rage instead of desire, swell as well.


Soon, every woman's breasts in the company have enlarged to personal flotation device territory with the eligible bachelors in attendance having no clue which set of breasts is an invitation and which is but a coyly disguised land mine.

If you're ready for this quasi-arousing social experiment that is Man's future, the bra will be available in the UK this summer for about $40. [Lisca via The Sun]