Brace Yourself For a New Microsoft Lumia 650 as a Work Phone

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Microsoft has just gone and announced a new phone in the shape of the Lumia 650, a device it claims is “the smart choice for your business.” Just cross your fingers that your IT guys don’t agree.


The new phone bristles with the functionality that enterprise customers might like—particularly built-in apps including Office and OneDrive. But users might thing differently: While it looks neat enough, with its 5-inch AMOLED display and aluminium casing, inside there’s just a Snapdragon 212 chipset to keep things moving. That means that many of the features included in modern Windows phones—like Continuum—aren’t supported.

The handset will cost $200 when it goes on sale later this week. Let’s hope you don’t get lumbered with one at work.

[Microsoft via The Verge]



The fact is, people won’t notice. Tech savvy people will rage, yes, but the general layperson won’t even notice that their phone is slow.

You just need to look at the average office worker’s computer to see how people treat digital devices. When someone uses my phone or PC, they are always like “Oh my God, it’s so quick. It’s like the adverts”. People are used to slow devices, because they don’t know how to purchase quick ones, or keep them quick through maintenance.

Tl;dr: Nobody will notice it’s slow and it’s a good price for businesses.